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Sharing in Brotherhood

Long time ago we were all one human family but we almost forgot , to remember it again, we must share.....


.....share love in life itself, with one each other as one human family is the beautiness of life, it is to find the Holy Grail 

Share                                                                      Sharing is the source of Love,
so sharing is not something to own
but share what belongs to everyone
                                                                       Mother Earth belongs to us all
also the air we breathe,                                            the wind that blows in our faces
even the raindrops falling on us,                                  and the ground on which we walk

Sharing Mother Earth
is also together                                                      sharing responsibility about Mother Earth
and also the duty to watch over Mother Earth

Rainbow Family

share by giving
what you have                                                      emphasize the brotherhood
                                                                                     By giving we share something special, a bound of Brotherhood, which excisted long time ago, forgotten by time,  but now again rekindled, and we are determined to jointly reunite the rainbow family.



A gift from Frank Heckman, a handmade Maasai necklace. Through this necklace we, the AllifURU People are connected, not only with Frank -Dutch People- but also to the Masaai People.

                     frank        Frank just came back from Africa he spent a couple of weeks with the Maasai People.

massaai frank

They give him a necklace, belt, and a bracelet, all handmade. And on his right hand he wears a ring, a gift from the Allifuru people.

To share something together is a sign of brother - hood, it is like recognizing each other as brothers and sisters, it is reuniting the rainbow family.

   papua mauku 
                       a gift from Miko, a necklace also handmade
 papua maluku

Bangsa Papua and Bangsa AllifURU, sharing the same goal. Brothers in struggle for Freedom and Justice

Peace Freedom and Prosperity to all the Peoples and all the children of the 4 directions.

Karin our Dutch Sister,  to bound the Dutch People with  other indigenous peoples, she handed over handmade presents             foto below

karinfoto right: Mr. Cándido Mezua representing Emberá People from Panamá, and MesoAmerican Alliance of Peoples and Forest (AMPB)   foto left: Munkhgerel Bat, Mongolian shaman

 A gift given from one heart
will be received by many hearts


July 2017 I handed over  another present from Karin to AllifURU women.

She strengthened also her sisterhood with the AllifURU women
March 2017 I handed a beautiful stone from Karin to AllifURU women.